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Create Template

  •  Create a document in MS Word, LibreOffice, OpenOffice, or Google Docs, see a sample
  •  Surround the key words with double curly braces, ex. {{ Buyer }}
  •  Save it with .docx extension
  •  Sign in to the app and upload the document as a template
  • AxDocs - Create .docx Template in MS Word, LibreOffice, OpenOffice, or Google Docs

    Fill out Form Online

  •  Choose a Template
  •  Create a Form
  •  Fill out the form fields
  • Create Template - Fill out Form Online - Generate Word/PDF

    Generate DOCX or PDF Document

    To generate a Document:

    Voi la!

    AxDocs - Generated DOCX or PDF Document/Report

    Key Features

    •  Custom Entities
    •  Template Sharing
    •  Emailing Documents
    •  Simple and Design Modes
    •  Multiple use of fields in the same or different formats
    •  Formatting for numbers, amounts, and dates
    •  Numbers and amounts in words in different languages
    •  Lists and Tables
    •  Signatures

    To see all the tricks you can do with AxDocs, have a look at sample manual. Use is as a Template in the app to see it in action.

    AxDocs - Custom Entities

    Custom Entities

    If you have to reuse the same data in multiple documents, you will probably like Custom Entities:

    •  Create your own entities with appropriate fields
    •  Use a dot separated fields, ex. {{Buyer.Address}} in your template, see a sample
    •  While filling out a form, choose records from the registry and appropriate fields will be filled out automatically!

    AxDocs - Custom Entities

    Advanced: Tuning MS Word for Design Mode

    Advanced users may use the Design Mode which is a native way to make templates in MS Word while a bit more complicated. To get started with the Design Mode some tuning of Microsoft Word is required at first.

    Now you are ready to create Templates in Design Mode.

    Advanced: Design Mode

    Desing Mode involves the use of Content Controls.

    •  Take a Microsoft Word document, see a sample
    •  Turn on Design Mode on Developer Tab

    •  Insert a Plain Text Content Control
    •  Click Properties
    •  Enter Title and Tag (see the difference)
    •  Change Font/Size/Color if required
    •  Save as a Word Document (*.docx)
    •  Add the .docx file you have just created to templates

    A regular Template in Design Mode may contain just Plain Text/Date Controls. A more complicated one will contain Lists, Tables, or even Lists within Tables. You will find some complicated samples among Shared Samples. Feel free to send a Feedback if you face any difficulties.


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